Chocolate Guide

About the Truffle Collection

The perfect gift for the ultimate chocolate lover! These twelve incredible variations seem almost too beautiful to eat…almost. Each oversized piece is individually and artistically designed, but their true beauty lies within. Each silky, rich truffle is like a petite, luxurious chocolate dessert.

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Truffle Collection Almond
Milk chocolate truffle in a dark chocolate shell sitting atop three roasted almonds

Truffle Collection Black & White
Black & White
Layers of dark chocolate truffle and white chocolate truffle in a dark and white chocolate shell

Truffle Collection Caramel
Soft, liquid caramel paired with a smooth chocolate truffle, covered in milk chocolate.

Truffle Collection Coconut
A caramelized dark chocolate coconut truffle covered with dark chocolate and sweetened coconut

Truffle Collection Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Rich, creamy dark chocolate truffle in a dark chocolate shell

Truffle Collection Deluxe Nut
Deluxe Nut
Milk chocolate truffle in a milk chocolate and dark chocolate shell topped with deluxe nuts

Truffle Collection Key Lime Pecan
Key Lime Pecan
White chocolate key lime truffle with a twist of lemon covered in white chocolate on a base of pecans

Truffle Collection Macadamia Hazelnut
Macadamia Hazelnut
Milk chocolate hazelnut truffle topped with macadamia nuts and covered in milk chocolate

Truffle Collection Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Rich, creamy milk chocolate truffle in a milk chocolate shell

Truffle Collection Mocha
Dark chocolate truffle blended with coffee covered in milk chocolate and topped with a coffee bean

Truffle Collection Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter
Intense peanut butter truffle with a touch of sea salt covered in milk chocolate

Truffle Collection Raspberry
Milk chocolate truffle blended with pure raspberry juice in a darker milk chocolate shell, topped with raspberries