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56 pc Classic Collection Box - 2 Layers

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Product Description

Timeless favorites make up our most popular collection including luscious caramel variations, pure fruit creams bursting with wonderfully intense flavors, as well as other unusual and traditional varieties! The 56 pc box is 2 layers.

Gluten Friendly
In this Box
Chocolate Silk
Chocolate Silk (4)

Ultra-silky, dark chocolate center in dark chocolate

European Heart
European Heart (4)

Milk chocolate blended with smooth, creamy hazelnut in milk chocolate

Gourmet PBJ
Gourmet PBJ (4)

Smooth peanut butter with berry & cherry juices in milk chocolate

Mocha Cream
Mocha Cream (4)

Smooth chocolate cream blended with robust coffee in dark chocolate

New Orange Cream
Orange Cream (4)

Pure and luxurious orange cream in dark chocolate

Rose Carmella Milk
Rose Carmella - Milk (6)

Soft, liquid caramel with a hint of rose water in milk chocolate

Rose Carmella Dark
Rose Carmella - Dark (4)

Soft, liquid caramel with a hint of rose water in dark chocolate

Raspberry Cream Milk
Raspberry Cream - Milk (4)

Pure, tart raspberry cream and juice in milk chocolate

Raspberry Cream Dark
Raspberry Cream - Dark (4)

Pure, tart raspberry cream and juice in dark chocolate

Salted Peanut Butter
Salted Peanut Butter (6)

Creamy peanut butter with sea salt in smooth milk chocolate

New Strawberry Rhubarab Caramel
Strawberry Rhubarb Caramel (4)

A tart rhubarb caramel with strawberry pieces in dark chocolate

Toffee Crush
Toffee Crush (4)

Crushed, buttery toffee blended with a caramelized milk chocolate

Vanilla Butter Cream
Vanilla Buttercream (4)

Creamy, rich vanilla buttercream in milk chocolate