Chocolate Guide

Take a peek inside the chocolates that make up our three main collections.

Classic Collection Classic Collection

Timeless favorites make up our most popular collection including luscious caramel variations, pure fruit creams bursting with wonderfully intense flavors, as well as re-inspired traditional selections such as Gourmet PBJ, Toffee Crush and Strawberry Rhubarb Caramel. 

Truffle Collection Truffle Collection

These twelve incredible variations seem almost too beautiful to eat…almost. Each oversized piece is individually and artistically designed, but their true beauty lies within. Each silky, rich truffle is like a petite, luxurious chocolate dessert.

Connoisseur Collection Connoisseur Collection

Created for those who have an appreciation for diverse flavors, textures and taste combinations, this artisan collection will seduce your senses. By creating unique combinations of spices, rare ingredients and chocolate imported from around the world, this extraordinary palate of chocolates, with its unpredictable textures and tastes, will take you to a new level of chocolate appreciation!