Tasting Bars


About the Tasting Bars

"Nibble, Bite, Chunk...Indulge Accordingly." Our Tasting Bar Collection includes a wonderful assortment of various chocolates in many different varieties. From a wide range of pure chocolates to intriguing selections such as Mint Cookie Crunch, Hazelnut Sea Salt Crisp, Indiana Popcorn and more!

No artifical colors, flavors or preservatives

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9 pc. Tasting Bar Tower 9 pc. Variety
9 pc. Variety
5 pc. Tasting Bar Tower 5 pc. Variety
5 pc. Variety
Tasting Bar Indiana Popcorn
Indiana Popcorn
Tasting Bar Mint Cookie Crunch
Mint Cookie Crunch
Tasting Bar Sea Salt Splash
Sea Salt Splash
Tasting Bar Hazelnut Sea Salt Crisp
Hazelnut Sea Salt Crisp
Tasting Bar Tart Red Raspberry
Tart Red Raspberry
Tasting Bar Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Tasting Bar 72% Dark Chocolate
72% Dark Chocolate
Tasting Bar 82% Dark Chocolate
82% Dark Chocolate
Tasting Bar White Chocolate
White Chocolate
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