Chocolate Guide

About the Connoisseur Collection

An exotic gift for the chocolate connoisseur. Created for those who have an appreciation for diverse flavors, textures and taste combinations, this artisan collection will seduce your senses. By creating unique combinations of spices, rare ingredients and chocolate imported from around the world, this extraordinary palate of chocolates, with its unpredictable textures and tastes, will take you to a new level of chocolate appreciation! Due to a shorter shelf life, our Connoisseur Collection should be ordered to arrive shortly before they are eaten or gifted.

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Connoisseur Collection Aztec
Crushed pecan brittle with pecan gianduja, cayenne and chili powder, in milk chocolate

Connoisseur Collection Brazil
Sweetened Brazil nuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, and orange peel, with a rose petal in dark chocolate

Connoisseur Collection Cassia
A Vietnamese cassia cinnamon ganache with a touch of sweet pear in milk chocolate

Connoisseur Collection Gianduja
Hazelnut paste with a sprinkling of salted, buttery toffee in milk and dark chocolate

Connoisseur Collection Gingerbread
Artfully seasoned gingerbread center in a caramelized chocolate, topped with a crispy mosaic

Connoisseur Collection Jasmine
Milk chocolate ganache infused with jasmine tea in milk chocolate

Connoisseur Collection Passion
Refreshing white chocolate-passion fruit ganache in milk chocolate

Connoisseur Collection Pistachio
Creamy pistachio blend in dark chocolate, topped with pepitas

Connoisseur Collection Raspberry Balsamic
Raspberry Balsamic
Balsamic Vinegar, sweet basil, and tart raspberries in white chocolate

Connoisseur Collection Rosemary Citrus
Rosemary Citrus
A citrus caramel blend of grapefruit, orange, lemon and rosemary, topped with citron sea salt in dark chocolate

Connoisseur Collection Salted Cafe Caramel
Salted Cafe Caramel
Rich, buttery, salted caramel with swirls of robust coffee in creamy milk chocolate