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24pc Father Mk Father Mk

24 pc Truffle Collection Box with Father's Day Bar

Milk Chocolate Bar
Product Description

Our 24 pc Truffle Collection box is paired with 1 milk chocolate Father's Day Chocolate Thoughts Bars to make the perfect Father's Day gift!

In this Box
Almond Truffle (2)

Milk chocolate truffle atop three almonds in dark chocolate

Black & White Truffle (2)

Layers of dark chocolate truffle and white chocolate truffle

Caramel Truffle (2)

Soft, liquid caramel paired with a smooth chocolate truffle in milk chocolate

Coconut Truffle (2)

A caramelized dark chocolate truffle and moist, sweetened coconut in dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Truffle (2)

Rich, creamy dark chocolate truffle in dark chocolate

Dlx Nut
Deluxe Nut Truffle (2)

Milk chocolate truffle in a milk and dark chocolate shell, topped with deluxe nuts

Key Lime Pecan
Key Lime Pecan Truffle (2)

White chocolate-key lime truffle with pecans and a twist of lemon in white chocolate

Mac Hsz
Macadamia Hazelnut Truffle (2)

Milk chocolate-hazelnut truffle topped with macadamia nuts in milk chocolate

Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate Truffle (2)

Rich, creamy milk chocolate truffle in milk chocolate

Mocha Truffle (2)

Dark chocolate truffle blended with coffee in milk chocolate

Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter Truffle (2)

Milk chocolate-peanut butter truffle with a touch of sea salt in milk chocolate

Raspberry Truffle (2)

Milk chocolate-raspberry truffle in a darker milk chocolate shell topped with raspberries