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Care for Your Chocolates

Store your chocolates:
• At room temperature (ideally 65° to 72°F). Do not refrigerate your chocolates.
• In a cool, dry place away from sunlight and odors

Our artisan chocolates are made with only the absolute freshest ingredients. Because of this, they do have “freshness periods” during which they should be consumed for optimal flavor. This time period will vary, but you will find an “Enjoy By” date printed on each product.

Most of our products have a 6 month shelf life and will be dated on the package. For shorter freshness periods see the general guidelines below, but be sure to always abide by the package date.

Collection  Freshness Period
Classic Collection 3 months
Truffle Collection 5 weeks
Connoisseur Collection 4 weeks

To significantly extend the life of your chocolates, follow the instructions below.

Triple wrap your box of chocolates in plastic wrap, foil or freezer bags before placing in refrigerator (to extend 1 month) or freezer (to extend up to 6 months). When removing the chocolates, allow the box to come to room temperature (about 2 hours if refrigerated, about 8 hours if frozen) before unwrapping.