Truffle Collection

6 pc. Easter Truffles 6 pc. Easter Truffles
6 pc. Easter Truffles
6 pc. Easter Truffles

We’ve dressed up one of our most popular collections for Easter! Each delectable truffle is carefully hand-wrapped with a colorful foil for the perfect Easter gift. 

This box includes 2 Peanut Butter Truffles, 2 Dark Chocolate Truffles, 1 Raspberry Truffle and 1 Caramel Truffle.

Peanut Butter: intense peanut butter truffle with a touch of sea salt covered in milk chocolate

Dark Chocolate: rich, creamy dark chocolate truffle in a dark chocolate shell

Caramel: milk chocolate truffle and soft, liquid caramel covered in milk chocolate
Raspberry: milk chocolate truffle blended with pure raspberry juice in a milk chocolate shell with a raspberry garnish

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